Newspaper Consulting

Circulation Executives-

I spent 20 years in the Newspaper Industry. – Let me help you.

I am in business to serve you.

I want to see your business grow. I want you to succeed.

Integrity and relationship are very important basics to me.  I believe the personal approach that I bring to the table will not only help you get the results that you need, but you will be able to achieve the results in a manner that makes you glad we are working together.

I specialize in low-cost, high-impact marketing strategies that help you get maximum marketing leverage out of every dollar you spend.

I am also an expert in the newspaper circulation operations.

I have worked with all aspects of circulation and I believe that most papers can grow circulation if they have a plan and are willing to work that plan, executing the nuts and bolts. Sometimes it is as simple as coaching members of the circulation management team or holding in-house workshops to correct deficiencies in customer service, sales, planning, budgeting, collections, marketing, contractor management, or any other aspect of your business.

When most people hear the word ‘consultant,’ they automatically associate the words ‘high cost.’

When my clients speak of me, they use words like ‘greater efficiency,’ ‘increased productivity,’ ‘more profits,’ and ‘great investment.’ My specialty is helping businesses just like yours get those same results.

If we should decide to work together, I will complete a comprehensive business audit of your circulation operation.

We will formulate a plan of action by prioritizing the next steps to take and then I will help you stay on track in getting the results that you you want to get for your business.

It is not unusual to begin to see results in the first 60 days.

If you will spend less than a hour with me, we can determine if there is a potential benefit to you and your business in our working together in the future. Call (859) 913-4646 or E-mail me today to set up an appointment.

Still unsure if your newspaper would benefit from my services?

Every penny you spend in your business that doesn’t contribute in some real way to your bottom line profits is money out of your pocket—money that could enhance you and your family’s lifestyle, provide for your children’s education, fund your retirement, or perhaps help care for your elderly parents. You may not be the owner of the paper, but are you leaving performance bonus dollars, potential raise, and promotion dollars in the newspaper’s bank account because the results are not where they should be?

Today the pressures on most newspapers are enormous to grow circulation and do it in the most economical way.  The challenges are greater than ever, with telemarketing restrictions, increased competition for consumer’s time and dollars.  My job is to help you maximize the results you get from your marketing and advertising, optimize the performance of your circulation department and increase your bottom line profits.

If your newspaper isn’t operating at the highest level of efficiency and performance possible, you’re leaving money on the table for your competitors to use to take away your best customers. Don’t let your subscriber and readership base continue to erode.

I will work with you to not only keep that from happening, but to help you develop a sound plan and workable strategies to achieve your plan.  I am not going to promise you the latest fad or trick to grow circulation on a short term basis, I am going to help you rediscover the things you know that you and your team need to do to succeed.

Everything we discuss is completely confidential.

If you are happy with the way things are and you have all the time and money you could possibly want – then definitely we should not waste our time because small incremental growth or status quo results is not what we are after.

Not every newspaper is a good fit for the services I can provide.  Some newspaper owners are not truly interested in growing their business for any number of reasons.

I prefer to work with newspapers who want to dominate their market niche or conquer a new niche if they are the dominant player and are willing to spend the time to make the necessary changes to bring this about.

Let’s arrange a time to talk over the phone if you are interested.

Call (859) 913-4646 or E-mail me today.

The Real Question

The real question is what do you want your business legacy to be?

Most people in circulation want to be known for their ability to get results while growing their business and maintaining a great level of customer service.

Most top circulation managers or executives would like to spend more time with their family, friends, and perhaps by themselves being creative and fulfilling their calling in life.

We specialize in helping newspapers like yours achieve an increase in bottom line profits, grow their amount of business, provide excellent customer service that keeps customers coming back, and find the managers the time to achieve their dreams.

Contact us today and let’s see if we can help you get started on the track to true growth.

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